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Author Name : Neha Shukla

Posted On : 22 Apr 2023

Earth Day is an annual event that reminds us of the importance of protecting our planet. In recent years, climate change and its impact on our planet has become a significant concern, and it's vital for businesses to take steps towards sustainability. The United Nations (UN) has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that can help address environmental issues, and businesses can contribute to these goals by reducing their carbon footprint and water usage.

Pronnel, a SaaS platform for process management, can help companies achieve these goals by reducing paper consumption, promoting remote work, and using cloud-based services.

Pronnel Empowering Businesses -Paper to Cloud

Reducing Paper Consumption

Printing documents can be a significant source of waste and harm to the environment. The average office worker in the United States uses about 10,000 sheets of paper per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That adds up to a lot of paper consumed and the cutting of many trees. Moving approvals and document storage to Pronnel can significantly reduce the need for paper. Even a 25% reduction in paper usage in a company of 100 employees can lead to significant environmental benefits. According to a study by ForestEthics, reducing paper usage by just one ton saves approximately 17 trees, 60,000 gallons of water, and 380 gallons of oil. It prevents 1.5 cubic yards of landfill space from being used.

In addition to these benefits, a shift to digital workflows can improve efficiency and productivity. By reducing paper usage, Pronnel can help companies reduce their carbon footprint and water usage. The reduction in paper consumption aligns with UN SDG Goal 12, which calls for responsible consumption and production.

Remote Work

Remote work has become increasingly popular due to the pandemic and will likely continue to be a preferred option for many employees. Working from home not only improves work-life balance but also has a positive impact on the environment. A 2019 study found that if employees in the United States worked from home just two days a week, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54 million metric tons annually.

Pronnel can help teams work effectively in remote or hybrid environments, allowing them to reduce the carbon emissions associated with commuting. In addition, remote work can also lead to reduced water usage. In California, for example, water is a precious resource, and many areas face drought conditions. Employees can reduce their water usage by working from home, leading to significant savings. Remote work also aligns with UN SDG Goal 8, which calls for decent work and economic growth.

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based software like Pronnel can reduce a company's carbon footprint by minimizing the need for physical infrastructure such as servers and data centers. By using Pronnel, companies can reduce their energy consumption and associated carbon emissions. According to a study by the Carbon Trust, cloud computing can reduce the carbon footprint of a company's IT operations by up to 90%. In addition, cloud computing can also lead to water savings. The same study found that using cloud-based services can reduce water usage by up to 98% compared to traditional on-site data centers.

Summary of Estimated Environmental Savings with Pronnel

In summary, by using Pronnel, companies can reduce their environmental impact in multiple ways. The table below shows the estimated savings for a company of 100 employees based on the three points discussed above:

Savings Reduction in tons of carbon Number of trees planted annually Water savings (liters)
Paper usage 2.2 37 135,000
Remote work 25.5 N/A 90,000
Cloud-based 7.5 126 1,350,000
Total 35.2 163 1,575,000


There are many compelling statistics for organizations to switch to Pronnel's and create environmental impact. Above mentioned numbers demonstrate the significant environmental benefits that Pronnel can bring to organizations, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and empowering businesses to nurture the environment positively. Reducing paper usage and cloud-based services will reduce carbon emissions and save water. Additionally, promoting remote work with Pronnel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These are enough reasons for any Smart organization to shift from paper to the cloud.

Join Pronnel today and take your first step toward a more sustainable future.