Streamline Your Business Processes with Pronnel

Transform the way you work with Pronnel’s customizable CRM, Project Management, Process Management, Agile tools. Minus the hassle of complex training and long implementation.

Pronnel Introduction

Understand pronnel and its feature with quick introduction and get started with us.

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Pronnel Introduction

Pronnel Introduction
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Solutions Customized To Your Industry Usecases

B2B Product CRM
B2B Services CRM
Recruitment Pipelines
Complaint Management
Agile Development
Project Management
Daily Work Management
Quality Management

How Do You Benefit?

Pronnel offers industry-standard templates to improve coordination and communication, encode SOPs, and bring transparency, leading to increased:

Cost Savings
Organizational well-being
How Pronnel benefits you. How Pronnel Benefits you.


Standardized Process

Create and standardize your workflow to improve consistency, efficiency, and productivity, ensuring quality outcomes, reducing errors, and enhancing organizational performance for long-term success.

Standardized Process Standardized Process

Different Views Different Views

Kanban Boards, Grid, List and Gantt Charts

Different views give similar information with different perspectives and allow us to work with our comfortability.

Document Repository and Notes

Central repository to keep all the item-related information in one place. Get what you need when you need it without juggling between never-ending messages and emails.

Document Repository and Notes Document Repository and Notes

Automation in Pronnel Automation in Pronnel

Automation to speed up execution

Use Pronnel's Automation to accelerate process execution by reducing monotonous manual tasks, minimizing errors, improving accuracy, and optimizing workflows, resulting in increased productivity and faster outcomes.

Import and Export Data

Use the Export/ Import Feature in Settings to Export data to PDF/ Excel formats and/or use Import function to data port bulk data and create tickets.

Import Export feature in pronnel Import Export feature in pronnel

Email Integration Email Integration

Email Integration

Map your email accounts into Pronnel to enhance customer interaction and thereby Sales. Gain valuable insights into Customer behavior. Ensure complete customer history records in one place.

Native WhatsApp communication

Integrate your WhatsApp for Business with Pronnel. Whenever, clients send new enquiries or complaints on WhatsApp, you have a new ticket created.

WhatsApp Integration WhatsApp Integration

Audit Trail to help with compliance Audit Trail to help with compliance

Audit trail to help with compliance

All actions are tracked and recorded on Pronnel. Correct mistakes and help Compliance and Audit Teams.

IOS and Android Apps to work on the go

Be in more control to act on progress, team performance, or work quality. Dependencies, checklist, multi level item division and meaningful dashboards to foresee risks and take proactive measures.

IOS and Android Apps to work on the go IOS and Android Apps to work on the go


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