A Step-by-Step Guide to Importing Excel Data into Pronnel Boards

Managing data efficiently is crucial for any organization, and Pronnel provides a seamless solution to transform Excel spreadsheet data into organized Pronnel boards. This step-by-step guide walks you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition from Excel to Pronnel.

Understanding the Setup:

Before diving into Excel import, it is essential to complete your Pronnel board setup. This ensures a seamless mapping of attributes during the import process. In our example, we will use a Recruitment Board with various attributes like Candidate Name (Text), Email ID (Email), Mobile Number (Mobile), Position Applied For (Drop Down), Years of Experience (Number), LinkedIn URL (URL), Expected Salary (Currency), Date of Birth (Date), Technology (Multi Select), and HR in charge (User).

Prepare Your Excel File:

Check that your Excel file is well-prepared before importing. Ensure all mandatory fields, such as Title and Bucket, are filled. Additionally, format cells in Excel for fields like Mobile, Currency, and Date to facilitate easy mapping during the import process.

Note -Title and Bucket are mandatory by default. Also first row is considered as header and will not be uploaded as part of Excel Import.

Prepare Your Excel File

Format Cells in Excel for Specific Fields:

  1. Mobile Field:

    If your Mobile column has values like +919205532278, select the entire column, navigate to the format cells option, and choose custom. Type in the format +############.

    Format cell for Mobile Field
  2. Date Field:

    For the Date of Birth column, select the entire column in Excel. In the Format Cells dialog box, choose the Date option and specify the desired date format.

    Format Cell for Date Field
  3. Currency Field:

    Similarly, for the currency field, choose the currency type in the format cells dialog box.

    Format Cell for Currency Field
  4. Dealing with Checkbox and Multiselect Fields:

    For fields like checkbox and multiselect, you can add values using a comma separator or allocate separate columns in the Excel sheet for each value. This ensures accurate mapping during the import process. In our example Technologies is a multi select field.

    Add comma separated values for multi-select field

Initiating the Import:

  • Upload Excel Sheet:

    With your Excel sheet ready, go to your Pronnel Board settings. Scroll down to the Import/Export Option and click on "Click to Upload."

    Upload Excel sheet on Pronnel
  • Map Excel Columns:

    Pronnel will prompt you to map your Excel columns to the Item Attributes of your board. Take your time to ensure accurate mapping.

    Map Excel Columns
    Checked mapped data
  • Verification and Import:

    Once mapping is done, click on Next. Review the data mapping on the next screen, ensuring all attributes are correctly matched. Click on the import button to initiate the import process.

    Click import button

Handling Import Results:

  • Success Email:

    Upon successful import, you will receive an email indicating the success of the import process.

    Get an email with Import Details
  • Failure Log:

    In case of import failures, download the error log Excel file provided in the email. This file highlights the reasons for failure, allowing you to correct the information directly in the same Excel file.

  • Re-upload Corrected Data:

    After addressing the issues, re-upload the corrected Excel file, repeating the import process.


By following this comprehensive guide, you can seamlessly convert your Excel spreadsheet data into Pronnel boards. This not only helps in streamlining data management but also ensures data accuracy and integrity. Empower your organization with efficient data handling practices, enhancing productivity and decision-making.


Why should I consider importing Excel data into Pronnel boards?

Importing Excel data into Pronnel boards streamlines information management, providing a structured and efficient approach.

Is completing the Pronnel board setup necessary before importing Excel data?

Yes, completing the Pronnel board setup is crucial to ensure a seamless mapping of attributes during the import process. It establishes a foundation for organized data management.

Can I import data from multiple tabs in my Excel file into Pronnel boards?

No, Pronnel imports data only from the first tab of your Excel file. Ensure that the relevant data is present in the first tab for successful import.

What are the default mandatory fields I need to fill in my Excel sheet before importing into Pronnel?

Title and Bucket are mandatory fields by default. Ensure these are filled, and all other necessary fields are populated for a successful import.

How should I format cells in Excel for specific fields like Mobile, Currency, and Date?

For Mobile, use the format +############. For Date, choose the desired date format. For Currency, select the appropriate currency type in the format cells dialog box.

What's the significance of mapping Excel columns to Pronnel board attributes during import?

Mapping ensures accurate alignment of Excel data with Pronnel board attributes, preventing data discrepancies and errors.

Can I handle Checkbox and Multiselect fields during the import process?

Yes, for Checkbox and Multiselect fields, use a comma separator in Excel or allocate separate columns for each value to facilitate accurate mapping during import.

How can I verify the success of the data import into Pronnel boards?

Pronnel will send a success email upon the completion of a successful import. Ensure to check your email for confirmation.

What should I do if there are failures during the data import process?

In case of import failures, download the error log Excel file provided in the email. Correct the mentioned issues in the same Excel file and re-upload for another attempt.