Viber-Pronnel Integration: Simplifying Customer Communication

If your Customers are contacting you via Viber, you must manage those conversations effectively to grow your business.
To seamlessly integrate Viber with Pronnel, follow this straightforward tutorial, which breaks down the process into two simple steps. By the end of this guide, you'll have your Viber bot up and running on Pronnel.

Step 1: Create a Bot on Viber

  1. Access the Viber Admin Panel:

    Login to Viber Admin Panel
  2. Create a Bot Account:

    • Click on "Create Bot Account" to initiate the process.

    • Click on Create Bot Account Option
  3. Provide Key Information:

    • Fill in essential details such as the bot's name and avatar.

      Add relevant Account Details
    • Specify a unique URL for your bot.

    • Choose the appropriate category and subcategory that best fits your chatbot.

    • Provide general information about the chatbot.

      fill in all the necessary account details
  4. Receive Access Key and URI:

    • Once the information is submitted, you'll receive a unique access key (token) and URI from Viber.

      Copy your private token and use this to connect Pronnel to the Viber Chat API
      Copy the URI, and use this to connect Pronnel to the Viber Chat API
    • These credentials will be crucial for connecting your chatbot to the Viber API.

Step 2: Connect the Chatbot to Pronnel

Prerequisite: Ensure you have a CRM board with a connected contact board.

  1. Navigate to Channels in the Settings Panel:
    • Access the Pronnel Settings Panel.

      Go to Pronnel and select Channel option under Settings Panel
  2. Select Viber:

    • Choose Viber as the channel for integration.

       Click on Add Channel option and Select Viber
  3. Input Bot's URI:

    • Insert the URI of your Viber bot into the designated field.

       Paste the URI obtained from above steps
  4. Paste API Token:

    • Copy and paste the API token (access key) received from Viber into the Token Number field.

      Paste the Token Number obtained from the above steps
  5. Connect and Complete:

    • Click on the "Connect" button to initiate the integration process.

      Click on connect button to successfully complete the viber bot integration with Pronnel
    • You've successfully integrated your Viber bot with Pronnel by following these steps. This seamless connection ensures your chatbot is now accessible and operational on the Viber platform through Pronnel.

      Effortless and seamless communication with client

Additional Tips:

  1. Testing Your Integration:

    After establishing the connection, perform a test to ensure smooth communication between Viber and Pronnel. Send and receive messages to confirm that your bot is functioning as expected.

  2. Troubleshooting:

    If you encounter any issues during the integration, double-check the accuracy of the provided information, including the URI and API token. Ensure that your Pronnel CRM board and contact board are correctly configured.

  3. Regular Updates:

    Stay informed about updates and changes on both Viber and Pronnel platforms. Periodically check for new features or requirements that might impact your integration.

By following this user-friendly tutorial, you've successfully integrated Viber with Pronnel, allowing your chatbot to engage seamlessly with users on the Viber platform. Enjoy the benefits of expanded reach and enhanced communication through this integrated solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Viber Integration with Pronnel

What is Pronnel, and why should I integrate Viber?

Pronnel is a comprehensive platform for managing customer interactions. Integrating Viber with Pronnel allows you to leverage Viber's messaging capabilities within Pronnel, streamlining communication and enhancing your customer engagement.

Do I need a Viber account to start the integration process?

You need a Viber account to access the Viber Admin Panel and create a bot. Ensure you log in to your Viber account before initiating the integration.

How do I obtain my Viber bot's unique access key (token) and URI?

After creating your bot on the Viber Admin Panel, you will receive a unique access key (token) and URI. These credentials are essential for connecting your chatbot to the Viber API.

Can I integrate my Viber bot with Pronnel without a CRM board?

No, integration requires a CRM board. Ensure you have a lead board within your CRM, which is connected to a Contact type board for the successful integration.

What is the purpose of the lead board in the CRM for Viber integration?

The lead board in the CRM acts as a central hub for managing potential customers. Connecting your Viber bot to a lead board ensures seamless communication and tracking of interactions with leads.

Where can I find the Channels option in the Pronnel Settings Panel?

In the Pronnel Settings Panel, navigate to the "Channels" option to initiate the integration process with Viber.

Can I test the integration before it goes live?

Yes, testing the integration after completing the setup is recommended. Send and receive messages to confirm that your Viber bot is functioning as expected within Pronnel.

What should I do if I encounter issues during the integration process?

  • Double-check the accuracy of the provided information, including the URI and API token.
  • Ensure that your Pronnel CRM board and contact board are correctly configured.
  • If issues persist, refer to the troubleshooting section in the tutorial.

How often should I check for updates after completing the integration?

Regularly check for updates on both Viber and Pronnel platforms. Changes in features or requirements may impact your integration. Stay informed to ensure continued compatibility.

Can I use this integration for other messaging platforms besides Viber?

This tutorial explicitly covers the integration of Viber with Pronnel. For integration with other messaging platforms, refer to the respective documentation and guidelines provided by Pronnel.