Tutorial on Setting Up Custom Attributes in Pronnel

In Pronnel, custom attributes offer a powerful way to capture specific information beyond just the title in your process or project board. They allow you to tailor your item structure to match your unique requirements. This tutorial will guide you through adding custom attributes to your Pronnel board, enabling you to streamline your workflows and gain deeper insights into your projects.

This tutorial will cover how you can add team members to your next project board.

With different item attributes, we can capture needed information about the process, lead, contact or task.

Step 1: Board Setup and Understanding Default Item Structure

Before we delve into custom attributes, ensure you have created a board in Pronnel. Suppose you still need to do so or familiarize yourself with the default item structure in Pronnel. In that case, we recommend referring to the video "How to Create a Simple Process Board from Scratch in Pronnel" and "Default Structure of an Item in Pronnel: Information Captured and Collaboration Facilitated" or check out our Tutorial "Streamline Your Business Process with Pronnel: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Setting Up Boards" and "Unlocking the Power of Items in Pronnel: A Comprehensive Guide.
"For this tutoril, let's use the "Task Management" board, which consists of five stages: To Do, Ready to Start, In Progress, Completed, and Won't Do.

Step 2: Adding Custom Attributes

Choose custom attributes as per the required information.

Now, it's time to enhance your board by adding custom attributes. Consider the specific information you need to capture for your items. For example, you may require an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) as a number attribute. Additionally, you can associate images, videos, or files with an item, which can be accomplished using the attachment attribute.
Furthermore, including a URL attribute for reference within the item is also possible. You can even create a Category attribute as a dropdown menu, classifying tasks based on types such as Tech, Purchase, Review, Meeting, or Travel.
Before saving the custom attributes, Pronnel offers the flexibility to rearrange their order through a simple drag-and-drop feature. You can also preview how the details will appear within your items, ensuring optimal organization and accessibility.

Step 3: Implementing Custom Attributes in Items

Once you have set up the custom attributes, it's time to put them to use. Open an existing item or create a new one to observe how the custom attributes seamlessly integrate into the item structure. You will find that the details you defined are now a part of your item, enabling you to capture and track the relevant information.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up custom attributes in your Pronnel board, empowering you to capture specific details and customize your item structure to align with your unique requirements. Utilizing custom attributes can enhance your workflow efficiency and gain deeper insights into your projects.
We encourage you to explore the detailed video tutorials to comprehensively understand available attributes and functionalities. These videos offer valuable insights into attribute management and usage, ensuring you can maximize Pronnel's powerful features to drive project productivity and success.


What are custom attributes in Pronnel?

Custom attributes in Pronnel are additional fields or data points you can add to your process or project board items beyond the title. They allow you to capture specific information unique to your requirements, helping you tailor your item structure.

How do custom attributes help in capturing specific information?

Custom attributes provide a flexible way to capture specific information by allowing you to define and add fields that match your needs. You can create attributes like numbers, attachments, URLs, or dropdown menus, enabling you to capture and track relevant details related to your items.

How can I add custom attributes to my Pronnel board?

To add custom attributes to your Pronnel board, follow these steps:

  • Create a board in Pronnel or open an existing one.
  • Access the board settings or customization options.
  • Look for the option to add custom attributes.
  • Define the type of attribute you want to create (number, attachment, URL, dropdown menu, etc.).
  • Save the custom attribute, which will be available for use on your board items.

Can I rearrange the order of custom attributes?

Yes, Pronnel allows you to rearrange the order of custom attributes. You can drag and drop the attributes to change their position within the item structure. This feature provides flexibility in organizing your attributes according to your preference and needs.

What types of custom attributes can I create in Pronnel?

In Pronnel, you can create various types of custom attributes, including:

  • Number attribute: Used to capture numerical values.
  • Attachment attribute: You can associate images, videos, or files with an item.
  • URL attribute: This enables you to include a reference link within an item.
  • Dropdown menu attribute: Lets you create a category attribute with predefined options for classification, such as Tech, Purchase, Review, Meeting, or Travel.

Can I preview how the details will appear within my items?

Yes, with Pronnel's preview feature, you can see how the details of your custom attributes will appear within your items. This helps ensure optimal organization and accessibility, making it easier for you and your team to view and utilize the captured information.

How do I implement custom attributes in existing items?

To implement custom attributes in existing items:

  • Open the item in Pronnel.
  • Locate the custom attribute section within the item structure.
  • Fill in the relevant information or select the appropriate options based on your defined custom attributes.
  • Save the changes, and the custom attributes will be integrated into the item structure, capturing the specific details you entered.

Can I create new items with custom attributes?

Yes, you can! When you create a new item, the custom attributes you set up will be available to fill in the relevant information. This lets you capture specific details from the start when creating items in your Pronnel board.

How can custom attributes enhance workflow efficiency?

Custom attributes allow you to capture and track specific details relevant to your projects or processes. You can have a structured and organized way to gather information, making prioritizing tasks, monitoring progress, and gaining deeper insights into your projects as per your requirement easier.

Where can I find video tutorials on managing and using custom attributes in Pronnel?

Our detailed video tutorial on Youtube provides valuable insights into attribute management, usage, and best practices, helping you maximize the powerful features of Pronnel and drive project productivity and success.