Telegram Integration with Pronnel: A Quick Guide

Integrating Telegram with Pronnel can streamline your business communications, making managing customer interactions and automating responses easier. This tutorial will guide you through the simple process of integrating Telegram with Pronnel. The process is divided into two main steps: creating a bot on Telegram and then integrating this bot with Pronnel.

Step 1: Create a Bot on Telegram

  1. Access Telegram Web:

    • Open your web browser and navigate to [Telegram Web].

      Telegram Web Login
    • Log in to your Telegram account using your credentials.

      Login into Telegram using your credentials
  2. Initiate Bot Creation:

    • Use the search function to find "@BotFather" in your Telegram app. This is Telegram's official bot for creating other bots.

      Search for @botfather in search box
    • Start a conversation with BotFather by clicking on the result.

  3. Create Your New Bot:

    • Click on Start Button and select the 'New Bot' option provided by BotFather to initiate the bot creation process.

      Click on start button to start the conversation
      Click on /newbot option to create a new bot
    • BotFather will prompt you to provide a name for your new bot. Choose a name that reflects the bot's purpose and is easy for users to remember.

      Add bot name
  4. Set a Username for Your Bot:

    • Following the bot's name, you will need to set a username. This username will create a unique URL for accessing your bot.

      Add bot user name
    • Pick a username that is relevant and easy to remember. Remember, this username will be how users find your bot on Telegram.

  5. Secure Your Bot:

    • Once your bot is created, BotFather will provide you with a token to access the HTTP API.

      Copy the token to access the HTTP API
    • This token is crucial as it allows control over your bot. Ensure you keep this token secure and store it in a safe place.

Step 2: Integrate the Telegram Bot with Pronnel

Prerequisites: Ensure you have a CRM board with a contact board connected to it in Pronnel.

  1. Navigate to Pronnel Settings:

    • In Pronnel, the Lead board, which is connected to a contact type board, go to the 'Settings' panel.

      Go to the settings panel of Lead Board on Pronnel
    • Look for the 'Channels' option and select it.

  2. Add Telegram as a Channel:

    • Click on the 'Add Channel' option and select 'Telegram' from the list of available channels.

      Select Telegram Channel
  3. Enter Bot Details:

    • Input the username of the bot you created in the previous steps.

    • Paste the HTTP API token you received from BotFather into the 'Token Number' field.

      Paste Bot username, and  access Token on Pronnel
  4. Finalize the Integration:

    • To complete the integration process, click on the 'Connect' button.

    • Your Telegram bot is now integrated with Pronnel and ready to use.

      Click on connect button to complete the Telegram integration with Pronnel


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated your Telegram bot with Pronnel. This Integration allows for efficient management of customer interactions through Telegram, directly within the Pronnel platform. The setup process is straightforward and requires only a few minutes to complete. With this Integration, you can now leverage the power of Telegram within your CRM to enhance customer communication and streamline your business processes. 
Remember to periodically review and update your bot settings in Telegram and Pronnel to ensure optimal performance and security. Happy botting!


What do I need before starting the integration of Telegram with Pronnel?

Before you begin, ensure you have an active Telegram account and a CRM board with a connected contact-type board in Pronnel.

How do I create a Telegram bot for integration?

You can create a Telegram bot by logging into Telegram Web, searching for '@BotFather', and following the prompts to set up a new bot, including naming and securing it with a token.

Is it necessary to have programming skills to integrate Telegram with Pronnel?

No, programming skills are not required. The process is user-friendly and involves following simple steps in the Pronnel interface.

Where do I find the HTTP API token for my Telegram bot?

The HTTP API token is provided by BotFather on Telegram once you successfully create your bot. Store this token securely, as it's crucial for integration.

Can I integrate multiple Telegram bots with a single Pronnel account?

You can integrate multiple bots if each bot is connected to a separate channel within Pronnel.

How do I use the integrated Telegram bot within Pronnel?

Once integrated, you can use the Telegram bot to manage customer interactions and automate responses through the lead board of your CRM connected with a contact-type board.

What are the prerequisites for integrating a Telegram bot with Pronnel?

You need to create this integration in a lead board of CRM, which is connected with a contact type of board in Pronnel.

Is there a way to customize the Telegram bot after integrating it with Pronnel?

You can customize your Telegram bot's responses and functionalities from within the Pronnel platform after integration.

What should I do if I encounter issues during the integration process?

If you encounter difficulties, refer to Pronnel’s support documentation or contact customer support for assistance.

Can I disconnect or change the Telegram bot from Pronnel once integrated?

You can disconnect or change the integrated Telegram bot in Pronnel by accessing the channel settings and modifying the bot configuration.