Managing Task Dependencies in Collaborative Projects with Pronnel

In the fast-paced world of project management, efficiently managing dependencies is a critical factor for completing collaborative projects. Pronnel, a powerful project management tool, offers a comprehensive feature to handle task dependencies effortlessly. In this tutorial, we will walk you through setting up task dependencies in Pronnel, allowing you to streamline your project timeline and ensure tasks are completed on time and within budget.

Understanding Task Dependencies

Task dependencies are essential in project management because they establish relationships between tasks, indicating which tasks must be completed before others can start. These dependencies help project managers and team members identify critical sequences and potential bottlenecks, allowing for effective resource allocation. Pronnel simplifies this process by providing an intuitive interface for managing dependencies.

Creating Task Dependencies

 Use “Add dependency” button to create task dependencies.

Pronnel makes it easy to create task dependencies. You have two options for defining the relationship between tasks:

  • Option1: Marking a Task as a Blocker

    - To create a dependency, select the task that needs to be completed first (Task A).

     Selected task must be finished before the actual task.

    - In Task A, choose the "blocking" option, which indicates that this task must be completed before other tasks can begin.

    'Blocking' option means that 'task mentioned there is blocking the actual task'.

    - Then, select the task dependent on Task A (Task B).
    - By marking Task A as blocking Task B, you automatically establish Task B's dependency on Task A.

  • Option 2: Marking a Task as Blocked

     “Blocked by” option can also be used to show the task that is finished before the actual task.

    - Alternatively, you can start with Task B, which depends on Task A.
    - In Task B, set it to be "directly blocked on" Task A.
    - This action will create a dependency icon on Task A and Task B, indicating their relationship.

     Task dependency option shows upfront on the ticket that actual task is either “blocking” or “blocked by” some other task.

Visualizing Task Dependencies

As shown in the last picture,Pronnel provides a visual representation of task dependencies, making it easy to understand how tasks are interconnected. When a task is either blocked or blocking other tasks in the project, a dependency icon is displayed on the respective task ticket. This visual cue helps project managers and team members quickly identify tasks that need special attention due to their dependency status.

Benefits of Managing Task Dependencies with Pronnel

  • Efficient project timeline management: Pronnel's dependency feature allows you to create a well-structured project timeline, ensuring tasks are completed correctly. This prevents unnecessary delays and keeps your project on track.
  • Resource allocation: By clearly defining task dependencies, you can allocate resources more effectively. Team members can focus on tasks that are not dependent on others, reducing idle time and increasing productivity.
  • Proactive issue resolution: Identifying task dependencies early on enables you to address any roadblocks proactively. You can ensure that tasks with dependencies have the necessary support and resources to prevent delays.
  • On-time and within-budget delivery: With Pronnel's dependency management, you can increase the likelihood of completing your projects on time and within budget. By avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring tasks are achieved in the correct order, you minimize the risk of costly delays.


Managing task dependencies is a critical aspect of project management, and Pronnel's feature simplifies the process, helping you save time and ensure the timely completion of your projects. By signing up for Pronnel, you can effortlessly create, track, and visualize task dependencies, improving project efficiency and reducing the risk of delays. Take advantage of this powerful tool today and experience smoother project management, focusing on delivering results on time and within budget.

FAQs -

What are task dependencies in project management, and why are they important?

Task dependencies are relationships between tasks, indicating which tasks must be completed before others can start. They are crucial in project management to establish how tasks should be performed, helping ensure a smooth project flow.

How can I create task dependencies in Pronnel?

You can create task dependencies in Pronnel by marking a task as a blocker or by marking a task as blocked. Both methods help establish relationships between tasks.

What's the difference between marking a task as a blocker and as blocked in Pronnel?

Marking a task as a blocker means it must be completed before other tasks can start. Marking a task as blocked indicates it depends on another task to be completed. The result is the same; it depends on which task you begin with when creating the dependency.

How can I visualize task dependencies in Pronnel?

Pronnel provides a visual cue in the form of a dependency icon on task tickets that are either blocked or blocking other tasks. This icon helps you quickly identify dependent tasks.

What are the benefits of managing task dependencies with Pronnel?

Managing task dependencies with Pronnel leads to efficient project timeline management, better resource allocation, proactive issue resolution, and an increased likelihood of on-time and within-budget project delivery.

Can I edit or remove task dependencies in Pronnel?

Yes, you can edit or remove task dependencies in Pronnel. Access the task's details and make the necessary changes to its dependency status.

How can I ensure I get all task dependencies when setting up my project in Pronnel?

Pronnel provides a visual representation of task dependencies, making it easier to spot and address any missing dependencies. Additionally, you can use the dependency icon to quickly check for any tasks that are either blocked or blocking.

Can I assign dependencies between tasks that belong to different team members or departments in Pronnel?

Yes, Pronnel allows you to assign task dependencies between tasks owned by other team members or departments, making it suitable for projects with multiple stakeholders.

Is Pronnel suitable for all collaborative projects, regardless of size or complexity?

Pronnel is versatile and can be used for a wide range of collaborative projects, whether they are small, medium-sized, or large and complex. Its task dependency feature is adaptable to various project requirements.

How can I get started with Pronnel to begin managing task dependencies in my projects?

To get started with Pronnel and benefit from its task dependency management features, sign up on the Pronnel platform. Once registered, you can begin creating, tracking, and visualizing task dependencies in your collaborative projects.