Simplify Workflow with Pronnel's Media Tab

Are you tired of sifting through endless comment threads and conversations, searching for a specific media file? Pronnel's Media Tab is your answer. In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll walk you through the remarkable features of Pronnel's Media Tab and show you how to make the most of this centralized hub for all your media assets.

Accessing the Media Tab

  • To get started, log in to your Pronnel account

  • Once inside Pronnel, Open any item and navigate to the Media tab on the right-hand side of the Communication tab.

     Centralized Media tab for uploading assets.
  • Click on this tab to enter the world of efficient media file management.

Centralized Media Assets

The real power of Pronnel's Media Tab lies in its ability to centralize all your media files. Let's explore them one by one.

  • tem Media Attributes

    Any media files you or your team have attached to item attributes are automatically organized in the Media Tab.These media files can be of various types, including files, images, videos, or audio files. The best part is that they are associated with specific items, making it easy to find media assets directly linked to a particular item.

  • Comment Box Conversations

    Media files shared within the comment box of an item conversation are also effortlessly collected in the Media Tab. No more tedious scrolling through conversation threads – all your essential media files are now just a click away in the Media Tab.

Filtering Options

Pronnel's Media Tab doesn't just offer organization; it takes your media asset management to the next level with its following filtering options:

  • Files

    1. When searching for specific documents, spreadsheets, or other file types, click the "Files" filter.

       Use Files tab to upload documents and other spreadsheets.
    2. This filter will narrow the displayed media assets to show only files, making your search more efficient.

  • Images

    1. If you're on the hunt for images, select the "Images" filter.

      Use images tab to upload images, design, charts or photographs.
    2. With this filter, you can focus exclusively on images, whether they are design assets, charts, or photographs.

  • Videos

    1. To find a particular video quickly, use the "Videos" filter.

       Use video tab to upload multiple videos.
    2. This filter streamlines your search by displaying only video media assets.

  • Audio

    1. To find a particular audio, use the "Audio" filter.

      Use audio tab to upload audio files like recordings , songs etc.
    2. This filter will only show you audio files like recordings or songs etc


In conclusion, Pronnel's Media Tab is a remarkable feature that simplifies media asset management. By centralizing your media files and providing intuitive filtering options, it boosts your efficiency and enhances collaboration within your team. Say goodbye to the days of endless scrolling and searching – with Pronnel's Media Tab; you'll find the media files you need effortlessly. Start using it today and experience the difference for yourself.

Advantages of Pronnel's Media Tab

The advantages of using Pronnel's Media Tab are crystal clear and can significantly enhance your workflow.

  1. Efficiency:

     With all your media assets for a particular item or conversation in one place, you save valuable time and reduce the frustration of searching through numerous threads.

  2. Collaboration:

     Pronnel's Media Tab promotes collaboration within your team by simplifying media asset access. No more tedious back-and-forth navigation or complex searches – everything you need is just a few clicks away.

FAQs -

What is Pronnel's Media Tab, and how does it work?

Pronnel's Media Tab is a feature that centralizes all your media assets, including files, images, videos, and audio files. It collects media files associated with item attributes and those shared in the comment box, making it easier to access and manage your media assets.

How do I access Pronnel's Media Tab?

To access Pronnel's Media Tab, log in to your Pronnel account, open an Item, and navigate to the Media tab on the right-hand side of the Communication tab.

What are "Item Media Attributes" in the Media Tab?

Item Media Attributes refer to any media files attached to item attributes. These files can be of various types, such as files, images, videos, or audio files. They are organized in the Media Tab and are associated with specific items.

How do I find media files shared in the comment box using the Media Tab?

Media files shared in the comment box of an item conversation are automatically collected in the Media Tab. Navigate to the Media Tab to find and access these files without scrolling through conversation threads.

Can I filter media files in the Media Tab based on categories other than files, images, videos and audio?

No, Pronnel's Media Tab provides filters to categorize media assets as files, images, videos or audio only. You cannot filter media files based on other criteria like file names or attributes.

Can I edit or modify media files directly within the Media Tab?

Pronnel's Media Tab is primarily a management and access tool. You cannot edit or modify media files within the tab. You may need to use external software or tools for editing purposes.

How does Pronnel's Media Tab enhance collaboration within a team?

Pronnel's Media Tab streamlines access to media assets, reducing the time and effort needed to locate specific files. This improved efficiency fosters collaboration by ensuring team members can easily find and share relevant media assets, thus enhancing overall workflow and communication.