Creating Stacked Line Charts in Pronnel Dashboards

Pronnel offers a powerful feature called Dashboards, allowing users to create visually appealing summaries of board activities using various widgets. One such widget is the Stacked Line Chart, which effectively illustrates data trends by layering lines to showcase the cumulative contribution of different data segments over time.
In this tutorial, we will create a Stacked Line Chart to represent priority-wise tasks completed in a month.

Step 1: Setting up the Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Dashboards:

    Log in to your Pronnel account and access the Dashboards section.

  2. Create a New Dashboard:

    If you don't have an existing dashboard, create a new one where you'll add your Stacked Line Chart widget.

Step 2: Adding a Stacked Line Chart Widget

  1. Access Widget Creation:

    In the dashboard interface, locate the option to add a new widget. Click on it to begin creating a new widget.

    Create Chart widget
  2. Select Chart Type:

    Choose "Chart" as the widget type, and then select "Stacked Line Chart" as the type.

    Create Stack line chart

Step 3: Configuring the Stacked Line Chart Widget

  1. Define X-axis Values:

    Choose the X-axis values to showcase a series of values over time. For our example, select "End Date", organized monthly.

    configure x and y axis
  2. Specify Y-axis Data:

    Determine the numerical data to be displayed on the Y-axis. You can count the number of items directly or choose other numerical operations such as Count, Max, Min, Median, Average, or Sum on a specific column.

  3. Add Description:

    Activate the "Add Description" feature and insert a brief note detailing the widget's objective for better understanding.

    Add Description to the chart
  4. More Settings:

    Customize the chart further by labelling the x-axis and y-axis, modifying the legend's orientation, organizing data in ascending or descending order, or selecting specific boards to create the Stacked Line Chart.

    More settings can be done to customize chart
  5. Filter Data:

    Use the Filter Icon to select specific data for the chart. For instance, you can display only the data for items in particular buckets.

    Filter data to refine information
  6. Invert Chart:

    If needed, you can invert the chart to swap the roles of the x-axis and y-axis.

Step 4: Finalizing the Stacked Line Chart

  1. Review:

    Once you've configured all the settings, save your Stacked Line Chart widget and review it to ensure it accurately represents the desired data trends.

  2. Adjustments (If Necessary):

    If the chart needs adjustments, you can edit the widget settings to refine it further.


Congratulations! You have successfully created a Stacked Line Chart in your Pronnel dashboard, visually representing priority-wise tasks completed in a month. This chart lets you easily track and analyze data trends over time, bringing transparency to your board activities. Experiment with different configurations and settings to tailor your Stacked Line Chart to your needs and preferences. Happy charting!


How do I access Dashboards in Pronnel?

To access Dashboards in Pronnel, log in to your Pronnel account and navigate to the Dashboards section from the main menu.

What is a Stacked Line Chart?

A Stacked Line Chart is a type of chart that illustrates data trends over time by layering lines to showcase the cumulative contribution of different data segments.

Can I create Stacked Line Charts in Pronnel boards?

Pronnel allows users to create Stacked Line Charts in boards using widget options.

What data can be represented in a Stacked Line Chart?

Users can represent various data trends in a Stacked Line Chart, such as priority-wise tasks completed in a month, by configuring the chart settings accordingly.

How do I add a Stacked Line Chart widget to my Pronnel Dashboard?

To add a Stacked Line Chart widget, navigate to your Pronnel Dashboard, click to create a new widget, select "Chart," and then choose "Stacked Line Chart" as the chart type.

What customization options are available for Stacked Line Charts in Pronnel?

Pronnel offers customization options such as defining X-axis values, specifying Y-axis data, adding descriptions, labelling axes, filtering data, and more.

Can I adjust the Stacked Line Chart after creating it?

You can edit the Stacked Line Chart widget settings anytime to make adjustments or refinements.

Is there a limit to the number of Stacked Line Charts I can create in my Pronnel Dashboard?

Pronnel does not limit the number of Stacked Line Charts you can create in your Dashboard, allowing users to add multiple charts as necessary.

How can I learn more about creating and customizing widgets in Pronnel Dashboards?

For further guidance on creating and customizing widgets, refer to Pronnel's documentation or contact their support team for assistance.